Design your own custom product page

It only take a few clicks to get to the centre of the tootsie pop


Turn a physical inquiry into a digital sale

Encourage customers to make purchases through each scan with a purchase button, linking to the vendor of your choice.

Upsell similar or complimentary products. Show your catalogue through a product carousel.

Collect customer feedback on the go

Customers can leave reviews and feedback in a matter of seconds with a single scan.

increase your response rate and let customers know their opinion matters. Use the analytics dashboard to gain insights into customer satisfaction.

Show the best things about your product

Stand out with media that serperates your products from the rest! Use PDF's, videos, lins and certifications and mroe on your personalised product page

Its as simple as...

Create a product page & choose your QR Code.

Add QR code to product. Change it any time.

Access analytics on scanned products.

Discover Analytics

Track every interaction and enable global product traceability

Track Scans

Pinpoint where customers are scanning your products and draw insights

Analyse Feedback

Get reviews from customers and compare reviews on your products

Contact Customers

Contact interested customers to upsell products or send information

Give your products a digital identity